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script for creating multipage tiffs

Dear listmembers,

my very first probably quite dirty and limited bash script hack is available at


It had kept me bugging that the programmers of the GUI scanning programs like quiteinsane or kooka did not have multipage tiff creation implemented yet, at least this was the case a number of months ago.

Perhaps this has been done meanwhile but I always wanted to be able to scan and archive letters and other text documents regardless of their length fast and conveniently on my harddisk. I have had good experience with archiving stuff on a W2K machine through the Kodak imaging program with a fast Epson 1200S scsi scanner. The need for a GUI was secondary for me with standard letters (actually the GUI would slow down the process), so yesterday I started coding.

Here are now two bare-bone scripts that in combination will scan pages black and white with a 150dpi resolution until you stop the input, then offering the possibility to join the files into one single multipage tif that can conveniently be viewed, e.g. with qfaxreader or ghfaxviewer.

The scripts need to be customized for your scanner setup and a single directory ~/tmptiff has to be created. They depend on scanimage from sane-utils and the libtiff-tools package.
# scanimage -L will give you all information needed about your setup.

Later I intend to look into joining the scripts into one, adding user input for the place where and with which name to store the resulting multipage tiff, and perhaps adding input for scanning options, viewing pages immediately after scanning to see whether a scan needs to be deleted and repeated with another b/w threshold, resolution etc.

I'd be happy to receive suggestions for improvement, or if someone wants to hack away on it, please feel free to do so.


Andreas von Heydwolff

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