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Conexant HCF modem driver for Debian 3.0r0 i386

Dear Debian Users,

I have just installed Debian 3.0r0 (Woody) for the first time. So far I 
am very impressed with this Linux distribution, especially the software 
package management system. However, I seek assistance with regards to a 
56k internal modem.

I would be most grateful if someone could provide a url address from 
where it is possible to down load a free driver, or alternatively supply 
a copy of the driver, for Conexant HCF modem. Regrettably Linuant.com 
does not provide support for Kernal 2.2 any longer, only for Kernal 2.4 
and above.

As I am a novice at using Linux in general and Debian in particular, I am 
rather reluctant to try customizing and upgrading the Kernal just at the 
moment. All help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

K. Lowe.

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