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Re: 2.4.22-3 panic in woody / ide bug?

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 10:14:43AM -0500, Nelson E. Castillo wrote:
 Subject: 2.4.22-3 panic in woody / ide bug?
> Abstract : Trying to avoid kernel panic.
> I recompiled the latest package kernel-source-2.4.22(3) (sid) with
> same config of the latest kernel-image2.4.22-686. It runs
> in a woody machine without problems, but in the other machine
> it crashes with a kernel panic before mounting the root
> file system. This second machine is running woody, and was
> potato once. It was dist-upgraded and has been running fine for
> more than half a year.
> The first one has a SCSI disk -Dell Server-
>   (works)
> The other one has an IDE disk -Dell WS-
>   (does not work... crashes at boot).

 After compiling kernel-2.4.22 from Sid, I was also suprised by this
panic, because kernel was compiled almost with the same config as
2.4.20. You have several options here: 
1st: you may compile ide-module in kernel
2nd: As I am trying to keep everything in modules, you also may compile
that option as module, but then you need to add "ide-detect" line to
/etc/mkinitrd/modules and re-run mkinitrd command to recreate
/boot/initrd.img-2.4.22 or reinstall kernel.

PS: why it doesn't load  it automagically? kernel 2.4.20 did it, without 
need to explicitly insmod it.

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