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Re: Going to give it another shot-need more help

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 10:45:09PM -0800, Mark Healey wrote:
> I recieved many suggestions to remedy the problem, non of them easy.
> I've decided to try to recompile the latest kernel.  I figure that it
> would be nice to have the latest kernel with support for only the
> hardware I have (or think I might add in the future) and none for what
> I won't ever have.  But, this is hacker level stuff I've never done,
> so I'm going to need a whole-lotta help.

What is currently on the machine you wish to convert to debian? I'd
advise against compiling a new kernel at this stage, but I don't know
which suggestions you have deemed hard.

It all depends on the specifics involved but I would recommend somehow
getting a .o kernel module for your NIC into the debian install process.
This can be done by putting it on a hard drive and mounting it, a floppy
disk or another cd-rom.

Obtaining the .o depends entirely on the drivers in question - you may
need some kernel-sources corresponding to the kernel version on the
debian cd (3.0 has the boot-floppies-2.4 kernel or something) and then
build the module with it, or the vendor might distribute x86 binaries

Can you tell us more about the model of the NIC and the drivers that are

Jon Dowland

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