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Re: problems with 'root' floppy

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 13:40, Jon Medding wrote:
> I have an old Pentium 75 mhz laptop from MidWest Micro and I am trying to
> load the latest stable version of Debian (V3.0r1).

> The boot process starts OK.  At the boot prompt, I press enter and then when
> I insert the 'root' floppy into the drive and press enter (upon request), it
> gives the message:
> RAMDISK: Compressed Image found at block 0
> and that's it.

Three things come to mind. How much RAM do you have, actually? I don't
know the exact amount required, but 8Mb will be too little.

Next possible cause would be bad floppies, but you seem to be aware of
that issue.
Anyway, I'd expect a read error to be reported in that case.

Third, some other hardware glitch. Esp with a laptop this might well be
possible. At the time the 'rescue' floppy shows you the boot prompt, you
may call several screens of help by pressing the F2-F10 keys, like
information about much needed boot parameters and stuff.
Btw, one of them will tell you the absolute minimum memory requirements.



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