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Re: Using an IDE CD-writer via scsi emulation

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 21:53:51 +0100
wyo@users.sourceforge.net (Otto Wyss) wrote:

> I knew I could read and write CD's on my system but I lost it during my
> upgrades about a year ago. I remember when I switched the system I
> couldn't write CD and I had documented the "hdd=ide-scsi". But after
> changeing lilo.conf I can't read CD's anymore. So I looked into the
> CD-Writing-Howto but it didn't help.

You have to support for scsi cdroms in your kernel (or as module ide-scsi
and cdrom - the name may be different, I'm using 2.6 kernels and they
don't need scsi emulation).

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