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Desktop hostname?

I'm an average-Joe user on a lone desktop machine connected to the internet
through a cable modem & router. Currently, I have my hostname set to 'Moe',
simply because I think Moe is a good name for my computer. This seems to show up
in lots of other things, though, like assumed e-mail addresses and default
identifiers and such. Is there anything this /should/ be set to? 'localhost'
seems to be the default, but that doesn't seem any more descriptive or useful
than my made-up name.

I guess this question is related to my exim settings. Exim has always seemed to
me to be good for server-type systems, not home desktops. Although I'd really
like to get it working to at least be able to send mail through it, so I don't
have the personal stigma of having a 'broken mail system' anymore.

Thanks in advance.

Joel Konkle-Parker
Webmaster [Ballsome.com]

Phone     [662-518-1636]
E-mail    [jjk3@msstate.edu]

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