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debian install went fine, but windoze slowed to a crawl

so i just finished my first successful installation of debian (thank you, thank you, i'll be signing autographs until tuesday), originally it was just my win2000 drive in, i left it in there as the master (hda) and put in a new drive as slave (hdb) which i installed debian is. i can boot flawlessly into one or the other through lilo, problem is that windows has now slowed to a crawl (i know, its windows what do i expect but it wasnt like this before). if i select windows at the lilo prompt, it takes literally ten minutes before i get a login prompt. its seriously slow. i'm trying to figure out what it could be other than a power issue, which it very well may be. maybe my 300 watts power supply isnt enough for my hardware, but i think it should be... but i wanted to hear if you folks had any other ideas about what it could be. what do you think?


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