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Re: Testing URIs not working

> From: Wayne Topa <brittman@capital.net>
> Have you read any of the below?
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/index-apt-get-intro.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/apt-and-install.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/info.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/intro.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/more.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-html/apt-get-intro/index.html
> /usr/share/doc/newbiedoc/newbiedoc-ps/apt-get-intro.ps
> /usr/share/doc/Debian/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html

Not on my system. Sniffing with google, I found a source, but I would
have to join the newbieDoc group, and this would mean registering with
Yahoo. They would not be part of a package, would they? 

Thanks, though, for the suggestion


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