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fetchmail config (was Re: WooHoo! Courier-Imap is imapping away!)

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 02:49:00PM -0500, BruceG wrote:

> Okay - how do I put it in crontab? I tested, and can get my pop e-mail using
> the following command:
> fetchmail mail.bellsouth.net --protocol pop3 --username (myusername)
> I ran this logged on as me, and it goes into my directory - which is what I
> want it to do. My localusername is different than my name at the ISP. I also
> had to manually enter my password. What is the command I should have in my
> fetchmail command string?

I'm pretty sure what you want in this case is to put all the info
(server, protocol, username, passwd) into your ~/.fetchmailrc file so
that you can retrieve your mail by calling fetchmail with no
command-line parameters.
The exact syntax to use in .fetchmailrc is described in the manpage.

Then, check out crontab (and man crontab, naturally) for setting up a
cron job to periodically run fetchmail.

All this should be done as your regular user.

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