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Re: Debian Testing - enabling cleartext passwords in uw-imap (next up - enable SSL)

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 23:12, BruceG wrote:
> Okay, have been having fun (well, sort of, kind of). I decided to
> upgrade from Stable to Testing and broke my pop and imap e-mail. So I
> figured what the heck - it's only been up a little while with just me
> using it, so do a new install. Installed Stable base (no tasksel, no
> deselect - just a bare-bones system). Upgraded to Testing - then added
> mail server support. Still no good! 
> I finally figured out some of it. During the installation I sai yes to
> allowing clear text passwords. That worked for pop mail. It didn't work
> for imap.
> I googled, and found this info:
> create an /etc/c-client.cf
> Enter the following into it:
> I accept the risk
> set disable-plaintext nil
> And it worked. So POP and IMAP are working again. Next on the list is to
> figure out how to enable SSL and actually get it to work.

Can I convince you to dump UW and go with courier-imap?

Ron Johnson, Jr. ron.l.johnson@cox.net
Jefferson, LA USA

"You ask us the same question every day, and we give you the same
answer every day. Someday, we hope that you will believe us..."
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