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Re: Hyper Threading

Karsten M. Self wrote:
> Marco Cecconi wrote:
> > It's actually Debian's fault! Every time I install it, it reads and 
> > writes the clock wrongly... Dammit!
> > :-)
>     apt-get install ntp

  apt-get install ntp ntpdate


If the clock is very far off when ntp starts up then ntp won't be able
to sync and will give up.  Therefore you want to use ntpdate to step
the clock if needed at boot time.  (That is too simple of a
description, the algorithm for stepping is more involved.)  'ntpdate'
runs at boot time before ntpd is started to make sure the time is
close enough for ntp to sync.

If you have been having trouble or copied a system from another system
with a different hardware clock then the drift file may be too far
off.  Best to remove it and force ntp to deduce the hw clock drift

  rm  /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift

Verify the ntp servers are correct and useful to you.

  /etc/default/ntp-servers   # used by ntpdate
  /etc/ntp.conf              # listed as 'server' or 'peer' in file.

Verify that your ntp daemons are happy.  Have them print their status.
Check that the delay, offset and jitter fields are low, <10.0 for
jitter is probably okay.  It is okay to have some high delay and
jitter servers as long as at least some are low.

  ntpq -p


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