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Re: reboot problem

In gmane.linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> After a power outage, my system (sarge) is not booting properly.
> Once it starts to boot, it no longer boots from /boot, but "/" instead,
> which leads to /usr,  & /home not being mounted.
> I can log in as root, mount the partitions, but it still is missing some
> stuff, I think, from not booting properly.
> fsck runs okay on all partitions. nothing else seems to be
> missing/broken.
> Any pointers, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Rodney D. Myers <rdmyers@pe.net>	Registered Linux User #96112

So, you are saying that it is booting with a kernel that is on "/"?  That
should not cause /usr and /home to not be mounted.  That is controlled by

Are you using LILO to boot?  If so, check /etc/lilo.conf to be sure that it
still looks right - image is pointing to /boot and root is pointing to the
proper "/" partition.  If that looks good, then as root run /sbin/lilo to
rewrite LILO.  If you are not sure /etc/lilo.conf is right, then I would
suggest that you do this on a floppy. Put a floppy in the drive.  Edit
/etc/lilo.conf so that you have 'boot=/dev/fd0' in place of 'boot=/dev/hda'
or whatever it is.  Then run /sbin/lilo and it will write LILO to the

Check /etc/fstab and make sure that you have /usr and /home listed in there
to mount.

Then with reboot - use the floppy if you wrote LILO there.  If it boots
correctly, then you can edit /etc/lilo.conf again and put the original line
for 'boot=' back in.  Actually you could just comment it out in the first
place and now just remove the comment and remove the line for the floppy.
Run /sbin/lilo to write LILO to the hard drive and try booting without the


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