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OT: Hard drive backup plan

My /dev/hda hard drive is on the way out, and I just wanted to run my
backup plan past you all, to minimise any pain if/when it's replaced...

My setup is as follows:

Running Debian woody with a few backported newer packages.

40G /dev/hda split between an ext3 root partition (about 20Gb), a swap partition, and a Windows 2000 partition (about 20Gb)

40G /dev/hdb, the whole of which is dedicated to an LVM volume group.
The only stuff on there I really want to keep is the approx 6Gb of
digital photos I've amassed.

So, my plan is to:

1. Copy the entire contents of the ext3 root partition minus /proc to an
LVM logical volume on /dev/hdb (using cp -a or tar)

2. Copy any windows documents to CD-R and/or /dev/hdb (don't really have
the spare space or inclination to do a complete Windows backup).

3. Swap the hard drives

4. Partition the new hard drive with a similar layout to before, and
reinstall Windows 2000 (since it affects the MBR).

5. Use Knoppix/LNX-BBC/Eduard Bloch's boot disk to copy the files from
the LVM logical volume to the ext3 partition on /dev/hda(got all three,
not sure if Knoppix supports LVM though)

6. Use the Debian rescue disk with rescue root =/dev/hda? and then run
lilo to write the MBR.

Does this sound feasible?  I've never tried boot disks with LVM support,
so the only tweak I could see is to backup the photos somewhere else,
and backup everything to a big ext3 partition on /dev/hdb.  Only trouble
is I don't really want to have critical stuff only on /dev/hda, and
backing up to 10+ CD-Rs would be a bit time consuming.

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