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Re: Partitioning

On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 10:13:17PM +0100, Andreas Janssen wrote:
> wsa (<wsa3@xs4all.nl>) wrote:
> > Alvin Oga wrote:
> > 
> >> /boot is NOT needed ...     - /boot was needed in the old days to
> >> guarantee that the
> >>     boot kernel was occupying the 1st 1024 cylinders
> >>
> > So where do the kernels go when you don't have a /boot partition?
> > I'm now using a seperate /boot partition but it's full now.
> > So is it possible to change this?
> Unmount your /boot partition (maybe you have to stop klogd first),
> remount it somewhere else, copy the files to the /boot dir on your root
> partition, change your fstab and reinstall your boot loader. The
> disadvantage is that if /boot is on the root partition, you can't have
> /boot read-only.

I recently installed a system using a woody cd and configured a /boot
partition of 50MB, but it was too small when I tried to apt-get install
another kernel.  I copied /boot to /boot.new, then booted knoppix and 
renamed /boot.new to /boot (on the / partition), edited /etc/fstab to 
remove the /boot mount, chrooted to the / partition and ran lilo.  Also
needed to run cfdisk to make the / partition bootable, then was back in

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