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fixing info: dir: No such file or directory


After a rather nasty cold reboot+fsck, my /usr/share/info/dir and
/usr/share/info/dir.old files were corrupted.  I deleted them on the
assumption that I could use gen-dir-node to regenerate them (as
described here
(http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/1999-04/msg00383.html)), but then I
noticed that debain doesn't have gen-dir-node (at least, not according
to packages.debain.org)

When I run info, it now complains: "info: dir: No such file or directory"

I suspect there's some debian-style  way of regenerating  the dir node
that doesn't involve gen-dir-node. Any suggestions as to how to do it
would be much appreciated.



P.S.: Please _do_ cc: me. It makes it easier to find the follow-ups. 

Joseph Barillari -- http://barillari.org

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