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Problem with wvdial


I've installed a laptop for somebody who uses it to dial in to his ISP via IRDA/cellphone using wvdial. This was working fine until (presumably) a few days ago when wvdial was updated. Calling the startup script now results in the error:

wvdial: Symbol `_ZTV6WvFile` has different size in shared object, consider re-linking wvdial: streams /wvstream.cc: 169: static void WvStream::_callback(void *): assertion `s->wvstream_execute_called` failed.
wvdial: aborted

The installed relevant packages are:
libwvstreams3-base 3.74+20031017-1
wvdial 1.54+20031017-1

Further information (probably irrelevant but anyway): System is Debian unstable on i386. It's a Sony Vaio PCG-F707, IRDA module used is nsc-ircc which loads fine.

The user is currently sitting there abroad without internet access, so my ability to poke around is limited to what I can talk him through on the phone. Any ideas on what I can do?

It'd be possible for me to send him the old packages which he could download at an Internet cafe or somesuch, but I don't know where I can obtain outdated packages.

Thanks for any help,


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