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Re: exim4 in sarge - config issues with smarthost hostname vs IP

* Hanasaki JiJi (hanasaki@hanaden.com) [031031 19:24]:
> I have the exim4 heavy package and:
> dc_smarthost='hostname'   <===== works if this is an IP
> 	fails with a hostname of 'smtp'
> 	hostname smtp resolves to an IP OK
> 	lookup of host "smtp" failed in smarthost router

Have you tried using a fully-qualified name instead of "smtp"?

Or you could try to make a small change to
/etc/exim4/conf.d/router/200_exim4-config_primary.  Change the
route_list line of the smarthost router from this:

  route_list = * DCsmarthost

to this:

  route_list = * DCsmarthost byname

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