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Re: [ot] Linux gender in French

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On Saturday 01 November 2003 7:12 am, Rus Foster wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just trying to work out in French is Linux masculine or feminine?

(Disclaimer: I'm not a native Francophone; but this is the experience 
I've had with colloquial usage of "Linux" in French. Somebody else can 
perhaps enlighten us to what is "correct", if there is such a thing. ;)

"Le Linux" is typically used as masculine, but I've seen it, less often, 
used as feminine, "la Linux". I'm not aware that it is "officially" 
anything, but to me as a French-speaker, it "feels" more like a 
masculine noun.

However, it's much more commonly used as an adjective or a kind of  
collective, so you'll more often see stuff like "la distribution 
Linux", "le truc de Linux", or "la Linux Expo", where the gener of the 
subject follows the non-Linux noun (la distribution, le truc, la Expo, 
etc) than you'll see references to "le/la Linux" by itself. 

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