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Re: blog-lite for Debian Stable?

Did you check out freshmeat?
you will probably need to install mysql for any type of weblog, and php if
not already there


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Subject: blog-lite for Debian Stable?

> Hey all,
>    I've got a Debian Stable box up and running with Apache, a DSL
>    connection, and DynDNS pointing in. I'm interested in putting up a
>    weblog, but it would need to be a very light weblog in terms of system
>    resources as my PC kinda sorta has no resources ;-)
>    Any recommendations on a blog for Debian Stable? I know I could just do
>    an online journal using a text editor for all that, but would like to
>    try something a little more. It would be cool to be able to include
>    small digital pictures with the entries.
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