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Re: Too Slow - what'd I break?

Interesting.. the boot log you posted contains a record of the
ASCII art twirly-whirrly thing, made of / , -, | , \, and
backspace characters, which is displayed at boot time during
time-consuming operations.

On my Sid system this causes an instant *crash* of all varieties
of mozilla which I have at the moment: mozilla-browser-snapshot,
mozilla-mailnews-snapshot, mozilla-thunderbird, and
mozilla-firebird (reading the message in the mail-list archive and
through the gmane newsgroup).

Mozilla 1.4 on Win98 does not crash; there, the twirly-whirrly is
displayed as something like |X/X-X\X|X/X-X\X|X/X (with X being an
empty square). MS-IE on NT (which I tried at my office) also does
not crash.

A mozilla bug? But it is OK with mozilla in MS Windows. What kind
 of bug is this?

Regards, Jan

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