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RE: HOWTO make a server

Good Morning,

My Debian box provides DNS, Firewall, and NAT for my home network like I
think you're planning to do.  The HOWTO's are a great place to start but you
need to read (or at least scan) the BIND, IPTABLES, etc. documentation as
well and don't forget the README.Debian.  Many of the HOWTO's were written
for earlier versions of Linux or for different distributions and exactly
where to put/find the files can be tricky.

My first step when I'm looking for file xyz is to run updatedb and then try
"locate xyz".  If that doesn't work I dig through the program documentation
to see where it should go.  Debian-user archive is another good place to
dig.  Sometimes you fall back on your best guess as to where the Debian way
would put it.  For instance under RedHat I put my firewall script in
rc.local as I saw in a HOWTO.  In Debian there aint no rc.local so I moved
the script to /etc/network and invoke it from the correct interface with the
up switch.

I hope this helps.

John Purser

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I'm reading a lots of HOWTO's, I want too put a linux box that sharing
internet and act as DNS server for a private network.
But, all the things that appears in those HOWTO doesn't match the files
in Debian's distribution.
Where can I find HOWTO's for networking over DEBIAN?
Thanks a lot :)

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