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Re: reiserfs

Thnks for your help Rohan. I am going to try what you said. Meanwhile I
installed kernel-iamge-2.4.18-386 ( I got this solution from one of the
knowledgebase at Debian).
I did apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-386. It installed the image
and asked me to add initrd=/initrd.img in lilo.conf file. I did that and
reboot the box. I tried to mount the reiserfs filesytem and it was
mounted. GREAT!!! But now my netowrk inteface is not coming up. I tried
ifup command but itsays that it cannot find the module eth0. Somehow my
netowrking got messed up now.
Any Suggestion.
Also I didn't compile or do anything when i installed kernel-image. I
believe everything was done by OS when image was installed. Correct me
if i am wrong.

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 11:03, Rohan Nicholls wrote:
> At 27 Oct 2003 10:31:01 -0500,
> Vivek Kumar wrote:
> > 
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > I was trying to mount my removable hdd as reiserfs filesystem. It gave
> > me following error. What should I do ??
> > 
> > Vivek
> > 
> > mount -t reiserfs /dev/hdd1 /prod1
> > mount: fs type reiserfs not supported by kernel
> Looks like your kernel does not have reiserfs support compiled into
> it.  You will need to recompile your kernel, and make sure that in the
> filesystem section of the configuration you select support for
> reiserfs.  
> There is a debian way to compile the kernel, which sounds very good,
> but I have never used it, I just followed the instructions in the
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Kernel-HOWTO/index.html
> It tends to be rpm based, but just look for the sources you need:
> apt-cache search kernel-sources |grep -i '2\.2\.20'
> might get the package name, but as I stuck working in windows at the
> moment, can't be sure.
> Once you have the name of the kernel-source package you want:
> aptitude install <name-of-package>
> That should put it in /usr/src
> And that should be all you need unless you have some patches you need
> to apply for other things, but if it is only reiserfs you want you
> should be away to the races.
> Btw. I have spent a fair amount of time compiling kernels, and if you
> follow the instructions it is very straightforward.  The nice thing
> about it is that you can have a kernel configured specifically for
> your hardware needs, and nothing else, and your system will speed up
> dramatically.
> Good luck, and please straighten me out on anything that is incorrect
> anyone else on the list.
> rohan
Vivek Kumar
System Administrator (AIX & LINUX)

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