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Re: Mailfilter+Mutt Problem--SOLVED

On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 03:47:34AM +0100, Pigeon wrote:

[huge snip]

> AFAIK the only thing that will alter that Status: header is mutt
> itself... and the only time I've found all my new messages shown as
> read is after leaving the room with my keyboard accessible to my pigeon.


> I don't think there's much you can do. You could edit the mbox by hand
> and delete the Status: header from the new messages, as determined by
> looking at the date; or you could write a script to do it. I'm not
> aware of any automatic method of restoring it.


> I'm sorry that I can't be of more help, but the thing is I don't have
> the faintest idea what caused your problem. I'm CCing this to
> debian-user in case anyone there has any ideas.

I am happy to report that a few hours after Pigeon sent the above to me,
with a copy to this list, he followed up with the correct analysis of my
problem, and the correct solution to it.

His second response to my quandary, and his solution to it I quote from
the e-mail he sent me off-list, since I had originally contacted him
off-list since I was mainly relying on the very helpful copy of his
.mailfilterrc that I was using with good success:

-------------Quoting Pigeon----------------------

Just been playing about with a local pop3 server... it seems that
simply logging in and listing the messages causes the server itself to
insert Status: headers. Interesting. Looking in man fetchmail it
appears that there is a 'dropstatus' option to strip Status: headers
out. So, it may be that if you add a line 'dropstatus' after the
'preconnect "mailfilter"' line, it will solve your problem.

Odd that my setup works fine without that line. Maybe my ISP's pop3
server doesn't have that function.

--------------End Quote--------------------------

I really appreciate his effort in finding the solution to my problem, and
hope this solution might be helpful to others who may have had the same
annoying problem.

All is working as I expected it to originally, and I had not picked up
on this solution even after having read the man page for fetchmail since
I didn't realize that my ISP might be inserting status flags for the
e-mail it was holding for me with mailfilter having scanned the list.

So, thanks to Pigeon and his pigeon for their help!


Lonnie Sutton - lsutton2@qwest.net - Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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