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Re: Mailfilter+Mutt Problem

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 01:32:17PM -0700, Lonnie Sutton wrote:
> Hi Pigeon,
> First, let me add my thanks for your putting up your .mailfilterrc to
> give me a great start on that file and dealing with the blizzard of spam
> that comes from posting to the d-u list these days.

<modest shrug> Thanks!

> I installed mailfilter 0.5.1 in my mail system by using the "preconnect"
> addition to my .fetchmailrc (fetchmail is version 6.2.4) and using exim
> version 3.36 as my MTA, and mutt 1.5.4i in a Debian testing system last
> evening before shutting down for the evening, and making sure that
> mailfilter seemed to be operating OK and as expected, which it seemed to
> do. I am on DSL so always on.

...so by 'shutting down', you mean you closed all open applications,
but didn't actually issue the 'shutdown' command and power the machine

> However, when I opened mutt this morning, all of my new messages were
> shown in the index as having been read, i.e, no "N" status. Prior to my
> installing and activating mailfilter, my index would show new messages
> with the above status and any new messages still unread when I close
> mutt would be changed to "O" when I reopened mutt next time. Now I have
> lost this useful functionality in Mutt.

This is done by mutt inserting a Status: header in the mailbox (there
is no separate file). Messages with no Status: header are shown as
'N'. When you read a message mutt inserts 'Status: RO' and the message
is shown as read. If you quit without reading the message, 'Status: O'
is inserted and you get 'O' when you open mutt again.

AFAIK the only thing that will alter that Status: header is mutt
itself... and the only time I've found all my new messages shown as
read is after leaving the room with my keyboard accessible to my pigeon.

> Would you be kind enough to point me to the right location for
> reading how to restore the functionality I am missing. I have looked
> through the Mutt documentation and suspect it has do do with formatting
> the index, but didn't see any thing there that told me how to do that.

I don't think there's much you can do. You could edit the mbox by hand
and delete the Status: header from the new messages, as determined by
looking at the date; or you could write a script to do it. I'm not
aware of any automatic method of restoring it.

> Mailfilter is working great, thanks very much, as near as I can tell.
> Thanks in advance for your helping an old fart, and all the best.

I'm sorry that I can't be of more help, but the thing is I don't have
the faintest idea what caused your problem. I'm CCing this to
debian-user in case anyone there has any ideas.



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