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Re: Insidious Spam/swen/Garbage

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 07:39:11AM -0700, John Yurcik wrote:
> Hi, I am glad to be on this list-even if it seems like
> one has to wade through crocodiles to be here. I got a
> yahoo e-mail account because I thought that I could
> manage this junk that accumulates in my mail.
> "Microsoft security update" always some odd addressee,
> 142 or 154kb.It doesn't appear that blocking this
> stuff works,probably because different addresses keep
> being generated. Yahoo does recognize 95% of it but it
> ends up in my bulk mail. Is there something I can do
> to block this stuff with an on-line mail account? 

Search the list archives for 'fetchyahoo' - ISTR someone posted a
solution recently.


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