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Re: lilo and winblows

See the boot-as= option on lilo.conf(5)

Moreover, I'd like to hear what happened with your lilo.conf file after
the dist-upgrade.


techlists <techlists@techgod.net> writes:

> Ok, I use to have a setup where Linux was on my primary HD, and windows
> was on a 2nd slave HD.  I had once found some options to put into lilo,
> that made it possible for winXP to boot off the slave, which it won't do
> with a standard dual-boot setup.  I think the option made winxp think it
> was on the primary HD.  Unfortunately when I upgraded to SID, it messed
> up my lilo.conf file, and I can't remember what those option were.
> again, I'm not talking about just setting up a dual boot, I know how to
> do that, I need the options to make winxp boot if it is on a slave
> drive.
> If anyone knows how this is done....please help
> Thx,
> Nick
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