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Mail setup for new user in Debian

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Hi userlist,
First time here and even unsure if this is a mailing list so my apologies to all.
We have just recently taken over a clients computer support that has a debian unix box running squid and mail.
My problem is this; I dont know unix that well and unsure how the mail setup works.
It looks as if they use fetchmail and
They have a new user being added to the network and I am trying to create a mailbox that works.
So far I can done this;
Create the user by using 'adduser' command (no parameters used)
Modify aliases file and run newaliases to compile to database file.
reboot unix to restart processes
configured Windows XP client (outlook) to talk to the unix box.
can receive internal mail aok and outbound works. Inbound comes up with a bounce of unknown user.
Any thoughts for a newbie? Im stuck and have been researching this all over the web
Email to jason_binder@gooroo.com.au as well would be appreciated!

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