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Re: Eclipse installation: j2re1.4 has no installation candidate (Debian SID)

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:29:10 +0200, Johannes Zarl wrote:

>> apt-get said that eclipse-platform depends on j2re1.4 or j2re1.3 or
>> java2-runtime but these packages are not available. How can I install
>> eclipse?
>> And is there a deb package for Sun's jdk?
> You could look into the equivs package, use it to set up a dummy-package
> for j2re1.4 and then install eclipse.
> Johannes

Installed sun java some days ago. Dowloaded .bin from sun, installed it.
Used equivs-package to build dummy packages for dependencies if I would
remove my blackdown some time. Make sure to set up your alternatives to
point to the correct jdk.

Good howto:


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