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Re: what exactly does "init_module: No such device" mean?

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 02:09:22PM -0400, Daniel Barclay said
> When trying to load a driver reports "init_module: No such device",
> what exactly does that mean?
> Does it mean that the module couldn't find any instances of the type
> of hardware device that the module handles, using whatever degree of
> scanning or probing that that particular module performs?

Yup, exactly.

> (Does "device" means devices at the hardware level with PCI bus
> locations and Vendor and Device IDS, or does it means devices at
> the level of ide0, lo0, etc., listed /proc/devices?)

At the hardware level.  This is why you can do "brute-force probing" by
just loading module after module and waiting until one actual loads

> If a driver reports "init_module: No such device", does that
> necessarily mean that the driver doesn't recognize your hardware,
> or do you sometimes have to tell the driver an I/O address or IRQ
> number so it can find your hardware?

You sometimes need to specify those things, or else you'll get the "No
such device" error.  I've never had to specify options for PCI or USB
devices, however.

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