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Re: CVS /var/lib/cvs filesystem standard

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank A Uepping <null.0.fau@spamgourmet.com> writes:

Frank> Hi, Debian creates a CVS reposetory in /var/lib by default.  I
Frank> have some misgivings about this location.  Doesn't the filesystem
Frank> standard allow to delete all files below /var?

No, that is /tmp.  /var is for files that can be changed (i.e. it should
not be on a read-only filesystem).

Frank> This would be rather fatal for the development team if some
Frank> careless admin follows this rule.

Well, dpkg/apt/etc. keep their data in /var, the default location for
web pages is /var/www, mail is stored in /var/mail, etc.

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