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Re: Searching for an editor...

On Sun, 2003-10-19 at 19:43, Tom wrote:
> [Sunday 19 October 2003 19:09] John Hasler:
> > > To start with, it should be graphical, so vim, emacs and the like
> > > are no option to me...
> >
> > What do you mean by graphical?  Emacs has menus, icons, cut&paste
> > with the mouse, mouse control of the cursor, etc.  What is it that
> > people mean by a "graphical" editor?
> Well... Built with widgets? :-s 
> Somehow, I expected this reply. It's more of a look-n-feel thing. I 
> don't mind console apps, but for some purposes, I like the "graphical" 
> approach better. It's not (only) about being able to control things 
> using the mouse etc.

Its probably not what you are looking for, but on this note there is
xemacs which is much more graphical, and there is also a build of xemacs
based on gtk (don't know if 1 or 2)
But if you are looking for an editor xemacs is probably an over shoot,
since its intended to be more of a developement environment (some would
claim a complete environment) then just an editor.
vim has a more graphical interface called gvim. version 6 is based on
gtk2 (or at list can be I belive it can also be compiled for gtk1), but
from your description I don't think that thats what you are looking for
either I'm afraid.
It has more of a unixish fill then widowish.

> I understand the point about Emacs being as "graphical" as anything else 
> in a certain way, but I can't believe *you* don't understand what I 
> meant with "graphical". :-)
> Greets,
> Tom
> -- 
> "Was soll uns denn das ew'ge Schaffen!
> Geschaffenes zu nichts hinwegzuraffen!"
Micha Feigin

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