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Re: moving boot drive around and lilo

james terris <shinden@sympatico.ca> writes:

> Then I enter the command:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/lib /mnt/sbin/lilo -r /mnt
> And i get the error:
> sh: /lib/ld_linux.so.2: version 'GLIBC_PRIVATE' not found (required by
> /mnt/lib/libc.so.6)

Not having any idea what you're booting off of, does something like
this work:

  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/lib:/mnt/usr/lib /mnt/lib/ld-linux.so.2 \
    /mnt/sbin/lilo -r /mnt

(In other words, explicitly specify the dynamic loader to use, in case
the one on your boot floppy doesn't do the right thing.)

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