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Re: mouse

Marlin Unruh wrote:

How do you open the menu without the mouse working, with hot keys?
Rob Wier wrote:

Depends on what you're talking about.  KDE? GNOME?

I am using KDE. I had to mess around in the XF86Config-4 before I could even
get startx to start KDE. I would like to know how to move around without the
mouse just for convenience sake anyway. I am new to debian but have tried
red hat and suse some time back.

I've never bothered to learn what hotkeys are available in KDE; I usually use icew, which is fairly keyboard friendly. When in KDE, I inevitably press Ctrl-Esc from habit expecing it to bring up the "K" menu, only to be faced with a graphical top type utility. So my impression of KDE from the little that I've used it is that it's not very keyboard friendly. But as I tried to imply above, that may just be my lack of research.


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