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backup/disk image over network options? (g4u, partimage or just plain tar?)


I'm looking into a couple of options on backing up my laptop.
What I want to do is replace a 1.4G drive with a 5G drive.

It runs debian/unstable, has no cdrom drive, and was installed through 
PCMCIA ethernet(xircom cardbus 16-bit). /root is reiserfs, but that's
not really important, I might switch to ext3 if problems arise.

g4u doesn't support pcmcia.
partimage gives me some problems. (it won't let me log in although it
connects. the -L option serverside doesn't seem to help either. the
partimaged deamon runs on a gentoo system tho, and it is possible it was
compiled with different(incompatible?) options then the debian package)

I might spend more time on getting partimage to work but first I would
like to know:

Can it be done simpler with tar or rsync?

tar everything over the network, connect the 5G drive, partition. untar
and reinstall bootloader?

Are there any other options/has anyone done this sort of thing before?

big thanks in advance



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