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Re: nvidia drivers & kernel headers

Thank you for the answers.I did look at the read me a
nvidia and it didn't illuminate what would solve this.
(I upgraded my video card and then had Xserver failure
in debian.) Anyway here is the results of uname -a &
my /usr/src/. 

Sorry I am having some problem- I can't copy and paste
from  kword to the browser, and I can do that in the
other linux distro's I have. Is there something I can
do about that? I mean I can copy and paste within a
document in debian but it doesn't see the copy from a
different application or document. I have to copy to a
floppy and start up in knoppix to get the info here.
--- "Scott C. Linnenbringer" <sl@panix.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:50:17 -0700 (PDT), John
> Yurcik <jyyc73@yahoo.com>
> wrote: 
> > I thought of this after I sent this out, but would
> > upgrading to testing resolve this problem? Knoppix
> 3.3
> > will "see" the video card I'm trying to install,
> and
> > Debian stable doesn't.
> In this case, not at all. This is a kernel and
> driver issue, not
> anything that would require upgrading your system
> (including XFree, gcc
> and any assorted libraries.)
> If Knoppix can get your video card working, then
> it's very possible to
> do this in Debian. In fact, if Knoppix can do it
> right out of the box,
> it can be done, it's just a matter of doing it. 
> My suggestion is to just doublecheck what kernel you
> have installed
> (with 'uname -a') and what kernel headers you have
> symlinked to
> /usr/src/linux.
> You can also just pass the location of the headers,
> without them being
> in /usr/src/linux, in the NVIDIA installer. I don't
> remember what the
> argument is, but it should be like:
> # ./NVIDIA_installer.sh --with-headers
> /usr/src/kernel-headers-*
> whereas adjusted accordingly, (--with-headers might
> be something
> different, not sure of the exact syntax.)
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