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Re: More on spam

This discussion has been enlightening and many of the posters have raised 
excellent points. However, I'm still confused on what seems to me to a basic 

Why does debian.org expose end-users email addresses for spammers or 
virus-spreaders to utilize?

For the life of me, I don't understand the philosophical stance that insists 
that a poster _must_ expose his personal email address in order to 

We are not using Arpanet. It is 2003, not 1982. Email is being used by many 
extremely vile characters whom the originators of email never had a clue 
would exist. Doesn't debian.org need to step up to the plate and recognize 
that end-users need some basic protection from the evil ones?

This is a public list. If I want to to privately contact another user I can 
easily post a "please email me at jeffelkins@earthlink.net" and that user can 
email me or not, as he wishes.

I happen to be fortunate enough to be on a speedy DSL line and run a 
mailserver where I can filter out the crap. Joe User with a modem is not. 

Swen is only the beginning. However, it's the harbinger of things to come that 
will destroy the utility of public listservs unless policies are instituted 
that attempt to stop it's spread.

Jeff Elkins

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