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Re: how could Packages mention files that don't exist yet?

P> Possible. Could be a bad copy of files. Could be anything. Try manually
P> browsing the mirror using your webbrowser or lftp etc. to see if the
P> files are there.

Yes, http://debian.linux.org.tw/debian/pool/main/f/file/ shows no Oct 03
additions, whereas
already lists them.  This must reveal a fundamental flaw in the debian
mirrors system, where some mishap could cause Packages to be updated,
even if not all the packages it lists were successfully updated.

$ lynx -dump http://linux.cdpa.nsysu.edu.tw/debian/pool/main/f/file/|grep Oct-2003
a nearby machine, shows plenty though.

Sure, maybe the next day, the hole will get filled automatically, but
still, that such a condition (Packages file updated before confirming
what it lists are confirmed to be successfully updated) is bad.

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