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Re: speedy spam

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 06:56 am, Clive Menzies wrote:
> I was finding it virtually impossible to work because of the
> volume of these MS Swen virus emails.  So I installed mailfilter
> (woody) and fetchmail, set up my mailfilterrc as per the attached
> sample and invoke mailfilter from fetchmail using
> preconnect="mailfilter".  

Using mailfilter is great for deleting these damn 150K e-mails
at the POP3 server, avoiding the modem download time.

I started with Clive's .mailfilterrc, and have been adding to it when 
another Swen slips through.  The most important change was to 
change the From to (FROM|From).  Plus a few other addresses.

Here are my deny lines, which you could add into Clive's full
.mailfilterrc file.

DENY=^(From|FROM):.*Customer Bulletin
DENY=^(From|FROM):.*(Inet|Internet) (Mail|Email|Service|System|Message).*
DENY=^(From|FROM):.*Security Department
DENY=^(From|FROM):.*(Email|Mail|Net|Message|Network) (Delivery|Service).*
DENY=^(From|FROM):.*microsoft (network|internet).* (service|system).*
DENY=^(From|FROM):.*Technical (Assistance|Support).*

David Crane

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