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Re: Back up to ATAPI zip 100

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 at 07:50 GMT, Dan Roscoe penned:
> Hello again!
> I'm running a very small web server on my lan, with maybe a half dozen
> people that have accounts on it.
> I am wondering if anyone out there is Debian Land, knows of a simple
> cli utility that my remote users would be able to use to back up their
> $HOME's to the atapi zip drive that I have installed.   It will have
> to be cli, as the only access that anyone has, including myself, is
> through ssh.

I can't answer the specified question, but why do you assume that ssh
restricts you to cli?

You can use port forwarding (quite easily from putty) to display X apps
to the users' machine.  Only catch is that they have to have an X server
installed, but you can get this for free (in both senses) from cygwin.

That being said, depending on your remote users' connections, X might be
quite laggy.

Unless you need to share ultra-sensitive super-spy stuff with me, please
don't email me directly.  I will most likely see your post before I read
your mail, anyway.

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