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Re: HELP - Need a DNS Guru

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 11:57:20 -0700
"Keith Goettert" <Keith@EcologyEnergy.com> wrote:

> Ns1.helpfulhome.com is the DNS server for a variety of email and
> websites.  I have been having trouble lately with email arriving late
> (several days) or not at all.  As far as I can tell, this is a new
> issue.  I am concerned because locally the DNS server appears to be
> working fine.  But when I issue commands like:
>    dig ns1.helpfulhome.com @ns1.covad.net
> I don't get an answer section.  I have double checked my forward and
> reverse entries and all appears correct.  Can somebody give me a
> clue??

Hmm... whois tells me that ns1.lightwaveaccess.net is also an
authoritative nameserver for you. At first, I dug at it and came up with
the address for ns1.helpfulhome.com successfully. A minute or so later,
I got a temporary lookup error. So part of it could be that your
secondary DNS is having issues. But ns1.helpfulhome.com was also found
at a GTLD server, so lacking a working secondary shouldn't be that
disruptive. However, I notice that your NS listings put
ns1.lightwaveaccess.net ahead of ns1.helpfulhome.com - the reverse of
your whois listings. That might be a problem, but I'm not really
certain. If you want, post or mail me some of the domains you host and I
can try some MX lookups. That might reveal some more details.

Todd Pytel

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