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Re: problem setting up spamassassin

On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 09:44:47AM -0500, Thomas H. George wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 05:22:17PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > 
> > I've been following the discussion of spam flood, and decided to try
> > using spamassassin. I'm running a plain vanilla Sarge, with dialup. I
> > use fetchmail, exim, procmail, mutt.  After apt-get install fetchmail
> > I look at README.Debian for instructions on what to do next. I see
> > "Please read the README for instructions on setting up your .procmailrc file."

> > My question is: Having done apt-get install spamassassin, what do I
> > do next? Surely I need to read something and do some configuration,
> > but where are the directions? Where do I go next _within the Debian
> > environment_?

There is a file in /usr/share/doc/spamassassin called
procmailrc.example.  I just inserted that file directly into my
.procmailrc file, and spamassassin started working for me (I had to get
the Bayesian filter trained properly).  This of course assumes you have
a working procmail setup.

> I have exactly this same problem with an additional difficulty.  My ISP
> allows two mailboxes.  One I use for correspondance and access it with
> Mozilla and the second I use for the debian mailing list and I retrieve
> the postings with fetchmail and view them with mutt.  When the ms mail
> bomb spam reached 70 per day I used apt-get to install spamassassin on
> my box (testing, 2.4.20 kernel) and found old correspondance which I had
> been saving has been deleted - not moved to trash - while there has been
> no effect on my mailing list mailbox.  I started through the README's as
> above but have not been able to resolve the problems.

This doesn't sound at all like the same problem, but since I'm using
this post to respond to the OP...
Were your Mozilla mails saved locally, or on the ISP server?  How are
you calling SA?  I don't really have any idea how you could delete
emails just by installing the SA software.  I imagine you would have to
actually use the software, and since SA only modifies emails, I imagine
you would have to use another program to sort the mails by that
modification.  Are you using procmail to sort the spam?  Where does
procmail put the spam?


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