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Re: HP ProLiant DL560

Christian Riis wrote:

I am charged with the job of installing Debian on an HP ProLiant DL560-server. Now this machine has a wierd SCSI-controller (Smart Array 5i plus from Compaq) which needs the bf24 kernel in order to run. The machine also has two NC7781 NICs. These I am having trouble with. As I understand it, a nice driver for these cards is the bmc5700 which I have gotten to compile. However when I try to insmod it (or anyone of the .o files the compilations creates) it reports that it's written for the 2.4.18 kernel and that I'm running 2.4.18-bf24 (which is true due to the SCSI-controller). If i insmod -f it, it reports all sorts of horrible errors. I was hoping that someone here might have had succes getting Debian to run decently on an HP ProLiant DL560. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

	Christian Riis

Compile a new kernel with kernel-package.  When you do,
make sure to create a kernel_image and kernel_headers,
install them both, and use the headers to compile your
module against.


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