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re re printer installing problems

		On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 05:17, Francois Fayard wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I've got a problem installing the printer of a friend on his plain woody.
>> He's got a HP Deskjet 640C : this means a non posscript printer
>> I've configured CUPS through the web interface after installing the
>> package that contains all the PPD files.
>> first :
>>  - the printer prints when I do a : echo "hello wold" > /dev/lp0
>>  - the printer doesn't print a test page (but it used to. Don't know why)
>>  - When I do a lpr -Pdeskjet file.ps it just says lpr : deskjet unknown
>>    printer
>> I don't understand what the hell it going on.
>> Thanks for your advice


I think I saw some noise on some list that you need cupsys-bsd to be able to
use lpr.

My HP 3325 just worked out of the box using the latest hpijs driver and with
the following installed packages:

Also, if you have only 1 printer you may not need the -P option.

	...well i had my time with printing on linux-distro's...

maybe this can work (if you did all that allready: i apologize)

just install cups with package manager: all packages (see: the list above my text) I guess.

than go to .system . .printing manager. follow instructions and do not forget settings. as far as i remember you must in the 'printingmanagerbox change to 'cups' as printing program (right side down). in my case it is as simple as that: for my old hp 500c this works fine.

ps:  installing cupsys-bsd i shut down the lpr && i like cups much more.

good luck,


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