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Re: More on spam

On Friday 17 October 2003 11:02 am, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
>Yup, and it is easy enough to figure out what level of obfuscation would
>be sufficient. Just make a web page with a few differently obfuscated
>addresses, and see what gets spam. Use them as spamtraps afterwards. It
>has been done, and I heard just a little obfuscation works, but one
>might want to figure it out for oneself.

I was told that obfuscation had been endlessly discussed and rejected. I'll 
admit that I don't religiously read every debian-user message, so I've missed 
these discussions. Honestly, spam hasn't been a major problem for me until 

I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of hits daily. This Earthlink address is now 
almost all-swen all-the-time, except for debian and zaurus email. Last week I 
set up a new address on my server for incoming family email and inadvertently 
posted with it to debian-user (stupid me) and in less than 24 hrs it was 
absolutely flooded with swen. I was forced to kill that address, which was 
extremely irritating.

For some reason, this list seems to be horribly afflicted. I'm seeing very 
little of swen in my other accounts. My wife has had zero incidents, in fact, 
none of my extended family (mostly windows users, alas), are being affected.

Post to debian-user - get slammed with megabytes of spam :(


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