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Re: More on spam

> >> take "heroic" steps (spamassassin,mailfilter,etc) but will abandon the
> >> list as a resource instead.
> >
> >Nothing heroic about installing spamassassin.If I can do it nobody else
> > should have a problem with it.
> >
> >Klaus
> I agree that it's not that difficult. Perhaps "heroic" was a bad choice of 
> words, but I'll still wager that a significant percentage of newbies won't 
> take the time to set up an aggressive anti-spam system, but will migrate 
> from this (and other) listservs if this isn't somehow brought under control.
> Jeff

I think a big problem is that if you look for a howto to setup spamassassin 
everybody sends you going procmail this,exim that MTA here and configuring 
the whole stuff many people don't even know existed over there while it is 
pretty easy to make spamassasin work with the likes of evolution and kmail.

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