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Danny killed his X config!

I've been having that recurring problem with X again. Lately my machine
has been running under a very heavy CPU load, while the machine is
idling, doing nothing. By high, I'm taking both CPU's at around 80%
load, with nothing except for gkrellm and bbpager running. 

After extensive googling, and some pleas that went largely unanswered on
debian-user, I decided to hit up the Matrox site and see if there were
new drivers available for my video card (millenium G550). 

Hey, while were at it, let's apt-get upgrade too! Lookie, new packages
in unstable! 

Yeah, X wouldn't start at all, took me two days of part time tinkering
to get it to start at all. It was bad enough that I burnt a copy of my
$HOME to CD so that I could completely wipe the drive this weekend, if I
need too. 

Anyway, I was able to get X working again now, with one exception. My
mouse cursor is now a series of vertical bars (think bar code) around, I
would guess 75pixels square. I've had this happen before with Debian,
and I for the life of me cannot remember how I fixed it. 


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