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Re: Couple of problems here... ;)

Martin Hooper wrote:
Using Woody 3.0r0 here...

First Problem USB Printing using CUPS

I have a HOWTO which tells me how to set up CUPS with a parallel port printer but I have a USB printer. In the CUPS web setup I can add a printer but when I try to print the test page I get the following error:

Unable to open USB port device file "/dev/usb/lp0": No such device

How do I tell which port device to use? Also can anyone point me to a HOWTO for setting up CUPS and a USB device The error message pops up whenever I change the USB Printer #<Whatever>

/var/log/dmesg seems to indicate that the USB ports and the things that are connected to it are detected at boot. I have a Microsoft Steering wheel as well as my printer. I am using a stock bf24 kernel from the install disc.
Oddly enough, I solved this problem my making sure the printer was
plugged to the computer and turned on *before* turning on the computer.


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