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Re: Raid system

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003 14:03:15 +0200
"Ron Rademaker" <r.rademaker@virtualbuilding.nl> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to get RAID to work on my server. I got 2 disks (80 GB ATA)
> and a motherboard with RAID controller (ASUS PC-DL). The BIOS
> recognizes my RAID system, however debian (testing) doesn't. I guess
> it's a kernel driver problem, but I have no idea what to include in my
> kernel. 
> Thanks,
> Ron
> PS. Could you please cc any replies to me because I'm not on the list.
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well, do you mean the controller integrated in the southbridge or the
promise one?

for the onboard i gather that it works only as plain sata (and only
whith kernel 2.4.22+)
read this for install (you could also build a linux sw raid with the

(or, alternativly try to build/modify your own bootflopps:
as i had to do it once:
grab the kernel source you need, the boot & the root disc,
build your kernel, replace the kernel image on the rescue disc and
uncompress the root image with gzip, i think it was, replace the modules
directory, compress it again and install with it....
(or but the modules in a drivers.tgz file to install ....it was about 2
years back....you should find some help about this topic somewhere or
somebody else can help you with the details... )

for the promise one (it seems to be a pdc20278?) i found this:
(it seems you'd have to stick to the partly open source driver from

I do not use one of these but i hope i could help...

yours, Albert

Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at>

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