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Re: re__cdwriter

--- steef <s.duin@wxs.nl> wrote:
> hi sidney,
> maybe this is of some help...., i hope.
> why not install a kernel like vanilla, with - as
> root - a line in /etc/lilo.conf
> append="hdx=ide-scsi",  hdx = hdd, hdc, or something
> like that: the name woody 
> gives to your cdrom-writer
> this a f t e r you installed p.e. vanilla, bf24...,
> and d u r i ng installation ag and
> scsi-emulationmods in the kernel. do not 
> forget  (sorry....) to run lilo and to reboot after
> this.
> do then apt-get -f install xcdroast, and, as root,
> setup xcdroast for yourself 
> as user etc. etc.
> let me know if the writer works after all this.
> if not: there are some other tricks.
> steef
According to the instructions that I am following, the
change in lilo.conf is to be made after cat
/proc/devices indicates that sg, loop, and sr have
been installed. xroast is the next step after lilo.

I think that I have created the correct kernel, but
that my computer is not booting it and therefore I
cannot go on to the steps that you suggest. I am
trying to understand why.


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